Featured Projects

Douglas Deconstruction and Lucinda Ave. Extension


Stevens Building Renovation

Stevens Building Completed 2018

Ariel View of Stevens Building Demolition

Concrete work on new Stevens Building

Excavator machine demolishing old Stevens building

Sustainable Projects

2013 Parking Lot Improvements

Parking lots K, L, and N1

  • Permeable paving system (parking lots K, L, and N1).
    • Absorbs stormwater rather than allowing it to run directly into storm drains, detention facilities, or streams.
  • Bioswales (parking lot N1).
    • Landscape elements designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water.
    • Slows down and treats runoff before gradually releasing it into surrounding waterways or storm sewer.
  • LED lighting (parking lots K, L, and N1).
    • Reduced energy costs - an average of 50% savings.
    • Longer life for lower maintenance and re-lamping costs.
    • Mercury-free and generates less heat.

Parking Lot K


Parking Lot N1